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Hi, I'm Lesmotsique. I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Although this site is mainly set up for those wishing to purchase my book Going With The Flow: a collection of poems on the pendulum of life (or any future item), it may also be used to post my writings and thoughts. Naturally, I want to promote and sell my book, but I'd like to hear from you as well. I want to know your thoughts on various topics that might come up for discussion. At the very least, I hope you find your visit worthwhile. Undoubtedly I do, because your encouragement and support are the nourishment I need to keep me operating effectively in this business of writing.

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Whatever I write, if it strikes you with meaning or engages you in thought, then I'm delighted for this beginning. If it brings education, comfort, and enrichment along with joy and laughter, I might outwardly show containment, but inside I'd be doing mental cartwheels. And how would I achieve these ends? ... Well, my answer starts with an observation or two. I realize the sway of entertainment---how it can sustain our attention that we lose track of time, because we're so caught up in an activity that draws us deeper into another world. Since we're culturally devoted to entertainment, I'm compelled sometimes to use my talent and ability to shape my work in a way that my reader or audience will find appealing to that sense of entertainment. My tool for the task are words.

We know words can be read from a book, but when I'm on stage at a spoken-word event, I've got to somehow get those words to leap from the page and bring them to a reasonable level of entertainment. To put this another way, contrast your reading a book at your own pace, pleasure, and interpretation to my being an author, duty-bound to translate everything I've written into a great performance. When I'm facing you on stage, I'm challenged to pull you into another world and satisfy you in the process. That's entertainment! And your applause is my reward.

In my book I have a poem,"Sex: It's In The Air." A friend of mine premiered it publicly after I shared it with him over the phone. He instantly loved it. Yes, I was reluctant at first, but he felt he could bring an interpretation to it that would do it great justice, and he promised me I wouldn't regret it. Then with his several more attempts, I relented. ... Well, when the day arrived, and it was time for him to open the show as the MC, he cleverly weaved the poem into his introduction, and needless to say, he was ---hilarious, having what seemed like the entire audience under his spell. They laughed. They stomped their feet. They were in stitches. After that, I felt I could never match what he did. But one day when he was unable to do an encore performance at another venue, I made myself do what I had been putting off for quite some time and gave it my best shot. And when I finished, I was pleased with my version. My audience, too, laughed, and I saw a look in their eyes that told me I had won them over. But still, I can see my friend's portrayal of the piece hovering over me. Though he has since departed this world, he left it having kept his promise to me. He did justice to the poem, and I still have no regrets about having granted him his wish. You see, because I said yes, I have my most cherished memory of him.

I feel good when my writing touches a person in a positive way, and no, I'm not suggesting you go publicly on stage to show your appreciation. Merely dropping me a few lines or supporting me via a purchase will do just fine. But if you don't let me know anything, I won't even know who you are. So don't be too long in revisiting this site. Keep me company while I develop it from its present infancy into something full-blown, beautiful, and powerful. In closing, I extend to you peace and blessings, and may God be with you always.



At present, you can purchase the book through the following link:

Click here to purchase Going With The Flow: a collection of poems on the pendulum of life.

Please contact me after making your purchase so that I can add you to my list of supporters. If you prefer other arrangements, please e-mail me, and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

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